UnitTrak is the ultimate Unit Management Tool. Track unit data including location, franchise, lease, sales and much more with UnitTrak!

Welcome to UnitTrak

Unit Data Management Made Easy

Designed to simplify data management for franchise and multi-unit businesses

UnitTrak replaces your array of spreadsheets, databases and shared drives with a purpose-built, cloud-based application accessible to your team and key collaborators. Created by franchising industry veterans who understand the unique challenges that come with tracking unit data in a multi-unit business, UnitTrak ensures your critical unit data, key agreement dates, vendor contacts and more are readily accessible with just a few clicks!

UnitTrak is much more than Location Data Management. Our exclusive tools – including UnitTrak LookBak & Time Travel allow you to go back in time to a specific reporting period or even a single day and view your portfolio history with date-accurate information. With our optional Projects module, you can track key data & milestones in the development of new units, and retain full history throughout the life-cycle of your unit holdings. Additional modules track Sales, Leases and more!

Key Features

Secure Cloud-Based Tool

Access your data from anywhere, hosted on our private, secure servers.


Precise Data Access

Share access among team members & key collaborators. Assign users to roles with access to only the data they need.

Full Life-Cycle Tracking

Our optional Projects module allows you to track your active projects in UnitTrak, smoothly transitioning to open units.

Experience Matters

UnitTrak was designed by professionals with years of experience managing multi-unit businesses. This is the tool we always wished existed.

Robust Reporting

Generate comprehensive Unit Overview Reports and detailed lists with just a few clicks.

Flexible Data Tracking

UnitTrak was built to meet the needs of a variety of multi-unit businesses:

  • Franchisors/Franchisees
  • Restaurant/Retail

See what UnitTrak can do for your organization.

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