Welcome to UnitTrak

Created by Franchise Data Experts

UnitTrak was developed for multi-unit businesses to streamline the tracking and management of property holdings. Created by industry veterans with decades of experience in property management, UnitTrak replaces your array of spreadsheets, databases and e-mail messages with an easy-to-use cloud-based application that houses all of your critical property-related information and is accessible to your team and key collaborators.

With UnitTrak you can track every phase of your property development, from document signing through groundbreaking to open locations. You’ll easily track key dates with custom reminders of important deadlines and milestones. Our optional modules allow for lease tracking, sales analysis, modeling and more. Franchisors will save many hours with our built-in FDD Item 20 reporting tools.

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Key Features

Secure Cloud-Based Tool

Built with the latest tools and security protocols for a fast, secure and reliable experience.

Centralized Data Access

Get access to the key data for your multi-unit business quickly and easily. Share access with key collaborators.

Grows with your business

Our optional modules allow you to expand the scope of UnitTrak, adding functionality when you need it

Experience Matters

UnitTrak was designed by professionals with years of experience managing multi-unit businesses. This is the tool we always wished existed.

Robust Reporting

UnitTrak provides reporting options for every facet of your business including portfolio reports, contact reports and more.

Flexible Data Tracking

UnitTrak was built to meet the needs of a variety of multi-unit businesses, and is just as useful for a growing unit developer, franchisee as it is for a franchisor.